Monday, May 15, 2017

Veronica Johnson Dancer - Cheating Wife - Disloyal Bitch

Have you seen this bitch, Veronica Johnson.  If so you should avoid her like the plague. This one to watch out for.  Veronica Johnson is a gold-digger and cannot be trusted.  On the outside, she seems like an attractive person, but beauty is less than skin deep with this bitch.  She is a fraud, a facade of a woman who has no idea of commitment, loyalty or honor is.

Veronica Johnson has duped two men into spending large amounts of money on showy expensive weddings, but this disloyal woman doesn't have the faithfulness,decency or loyalty to commit to marriage. She abandoned both of her previous marriages in under 10 months.  .Given that this woman has a history of walking away from marriages, you would be wise to question any story that she may tell you about either of her previous marriages.  It's rare that lightning strikes twice in the same place, so given that she has left 2 marriages in under 10 months should tell you something about her!

Veronica Johnson Dancer,  has no idea of what love,commitment or loyalty is and is not wife material.  Don't waste your time or money on this one if you are looking for a real meaningful relationship.  This vanity driven, self-centered woman doesn't have the makeup for a good wife.  She talks the talk but is unable to walk the walk.

Veronica Raymond Johnson's last marriage was on July 12, 2014 and by March 2015,  just one week after her husband had gone out of town for work to support Veronica Johnson and her 2 sons, this disloyal,unfaithful married woman was flirting on pretending that she and her husband were separated.  So this woman who had been married for less than 8 months decided that it was a good idea to be on

This is a woman who can't cook, clean,  is financially irresponsible and whose only driving force is her own vanity.

Veronica Johnson  has no respect or honor for her man so if you find her on where she lurks as VBEL2122 beware.

This woman cannot be trusted.  

You have been warned.

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